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Find out how to make money off of Robo/Scam calls! (Seriously!)

**Due to Apple's proprietary restrictions on downloading music and content, you cannot download these directly to an iPhone or iPad. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you will need to switch to a desktop view to download my recordings, or access them on a computer.

© 2020  by Shelly the Voiceover Slayer | Millennial Female Voiceover

Shelly is a nerdtastic, nerdy, geeky, natural, authentic, no nonsense, one of the guys, geek chic, adorkable, cool, real voiceover girl. Think revenge of the nerdette or the IT girl! She is an emma stone sound-alike, zooey deschanel sound-alike, myiam bialik, sound-alike, and many more. She is the perfect voice over for your millennial, teen, young adult, female voice role, especially if they're for a technology company, an app, a website, a cutting edge product, kickstarter, gofundme, explainer videos, video games, animation, narrations, industrials, or commercials. Do you need that real, non-announcer,  authentic, genuine 20s, 30s, female voice over? Look no further! Relate to the young adult  tech savvy demographic with Shelly the Voiceover Slayer. Email: Female voice over, girl voice over, millennial voice over, millennial mom voice over, tech voice over, geek voice over, 20s voice over, 30s voice over,  nerdy voice over, bitcoin accepted, pay with bitcoin, invoice through bitcoin, bitcoin friendly business, bill with bitcoin,  I accept bitcoin, We accept bitcoin, midwestern voice, midwest voice, ohio voice, ohioan voice, neutral voice, no accent

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